Sports like
Rugby, Volleyball, Softball & Soccer have helped me do better in school, meet new friends & open my eyes to how sports can change my life.
- Laiza,
RisingSTARS Leadership Academy 2015 participant

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girls only ages

8 - 18


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our vision A society in which all girls are empowered to
achieve their dreams.

PowerPlay’s programs for girls and young women seek to stem the decline in confidence that occurs three times more often in girls than boys from elementary school to high school. If girls don’t see it, they won’t do it. Girls miss out on opportunities to learn from positive female role models who look like them.

Using sports as our hook, PowerPlay starts a dialogue, offers the chance for critical and analytical thinking and opens the door to personal, academic and career growth for girls at all stages of their development.

We create opportunities for girls ages 8 through 18

PowerPlay partners with schools and CBOs in NYC to conduct after-school and summer programs that emphasize physical fitness and education.

PowerPlay fills a critical service gap for girls and young women.

Women have made significant progress in the past several decades, yet large numbers of girls, particularly urban girls of color, continue to struggle with issues of identity, with few meaningful, sustained opportunities to develop as leaders.



Ability to make choices and take positive risks and persist through life’s challenges.


Capacity to give time and energy to help their family, community and society.

Positive Identity

Internal sense of positive self-worth and self-efficiency as they explore who they are.

Academic Self-Efficiency

Motivation and confidence in academic performance

Social Skills

Ability to take others’ perspectives into consideration as well as express empathy

Social Capital

Positive bonds with people who can provide advice, counsel and access to what they need to succeed.

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