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PowerPlay takes a holistic approach to youth development and female empowerment and runs several programs: Sports Training and Role models for Success (STARS) Series After-School Program, SuperSTARS Leadership Academy (SSLA), Girl Power Days, and STARS Citiwide Girls Initiative (STARS CGI).

The need for PowerPlay programming is critical. According to the Women’s Sports Foundation, two of the most significant reasons that girls do not participate in sports are lack of encouragement and lack of opportunity. Often, girls are almost two years behind boys in motor skill development, in part because of their lack of opportunity to play sports. PowerPlay programming focuses on teaching girls fundamental skills in a variety of sports so they become confident in their athletic abilities and enjoy playing.

The PowerPlay program setting also provides a safe space for expression and discussion, creating an optimal environment for health, wellness and life skills learning activities. African-American girls participate in sport at the lowest rates, and this contributes to the lack of women of color in leadership and coaching.

  • Our SSLA Alum have gone on to attend and graduate from college, achieve leadership and management positions, and have given back to PowerPlay by inspiring the next generation.
  • Athletic participation among adolescents has been associated with a range of educational benefits, including better grades, more hours spent studying, increased graduation rates, increased enrollments in Advanced Placement courses, and decreased suspension and expulsion rates.
  • 78% of surveyed parents from our STARS Series program reported that their child has expressed interest in physical activity or sports. Boys participate at much higher rates and in various activities whereas girls participate at lower rates and tend to leave after-school programs as they get older.
  • Our Leadership Academy students not only receive continued support from PowerPlay, but become assistant coaches to our STARS Series after-school program, becoming positive role models for elementary and middle school girls in their own neighborhoods. Girls are increasingly at risk when it comes to obesity, pregnancy, drug use and depression as well as increasingly violent behavior.
  • Our programs provide positive role models and support networks.

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